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St Ives Story: Part I

02 June 2017

For the next few months, we will walk you through the build of one of our stunning St Ives custom built homes. We are really able to showcase our craft with this build. This home was designed with a more traditional look in mind, along with the ability to accommodate the needs of our client’s family.  To give you a quick visual, below you can see the before-and-after shots. The contrast you cannot put into words; or can you? We will try to do it justice by diving into the finer details of the build in four parts!

Before and After of the stunning St Ives House, located in Sydney's Upper North Shore

Let’s paint the picture for you now for Part 1 of our series. Our client is a family of four; both parents are professionals within the medical industry and they have two younger boys. They decided on a Knockdown Rebuild instead of a complete relocation, as they wanted to remain in the area for the local schools, shops, community, and most of all they want to remain close to family and friends.

Our clients knew that we specialised in custom built homes and this suited their situation perfectly – a luxury custom built home by Chateau!

Our client told us that they wanted a high quality home to live in for many years to come and also be able to meet their needs and wants as a growing family. Usually, modern homes are built with timber between the ground and second storey, however our clients wanted a more traditional full brick/solid construction throughout the external and internal parts of the home.

Our architects put together some final drawings of the home for our clients to sign off on. These are then submitted to council for approval. Chateau completely takes care of this process for our clients, as it can be a very time consuming and an emotionally tiring process dealing with your local council. We strive to make our clients build as stress-free and as seamless as possible.

Once the final plans have been approved, the demolition or excavation of your site can begin in preparation for construction.

Please note: Council Approval, Demolition (if required) and Excavation are costed and included into our clients contracts before we start construction on site.

Front Elevation (From the South) Plans

Left Elevation (from the West) Plan

Right Side (From the East) Plan

Rear Elevation (From the North) Plan

Here at Chateau Architects + Builders, our process involves a team of professionals who work as one right from the very beginning. This then carries through to either the demolition of an existing property (if required), or a vacant block ready to go, all the way through to that final coat of paint in your new Chateau Home.

The synergy of everyone working together ensures that optimum results are achieved for our clients, right through the whole process.

Demolition & excavation are included in The Process


St Ives Story: Part II - Delving Into The Exterior Elements of This Master Build

St Ives Story: Part III - Interior Components and Style Coming Together for St Ives

St Ives Story: Part IV - The Finished Custom Home located in Sydney's North Shore


If you would like to know more about your perfect dream home, look no further than us at Chateau. If you want to fast-forward to the finished home, check it out it out Recent Projects Gallery as ‘St Ives’ , not ‘St Ives 2’. Otherwise stay tuned for Part 2 of this build.

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